Our Civil Rights: VR Series

From the award winning creator of the VR experience “I Am A Man” comes the next big history themed VR project, Our Civil Rights: A Three Part Series. As the name suggest, this project will be episodic spanning three separate stories that are connected by the same historic time period. The writer and director of the project, Dr. Derek Ham, is looking to push the envelope even further by drawing from the success of his earlier work.

“I learned a lot from developing “I Am A Man” and thanks to its success I am now able to create something bigger and bolder than I’ve ever done before.” says Ham.

This project comes with the backing of the Epic Games Mega Grant, and will be produced under the umbrella of Ham’s startup company Logic Grip Inc. Logic Grip is known for their innovative approach to VR peripherals, but the company believes innovative story telling is at the core of what they hope to achieve.

The series will be built on the Unreal Game Engine and will heavily utilize the peripherals developed by Logic Grip to enhance the story experiences. The peripheral devices,  such as the soon to be released AxeOne, will enable Logic Grip to tell these historical stories in ways no one has yet experienced. These devices are not aesthetic accessories; instead they open up the user experience in ways that make  VR experiences more immersive.

Look for the first episode of this three-part series to be released in 2021.