The AxeOne helps to lock the player’s hands on axial alignment giving the sensation of the two handed grasp.


The Temporal Axial Alignment Adapter, AxeOne, is a VR accessory that temporarily locks hand controllers into an axial alignment. They are designed with magnetic nodes, allowing the controllers in each hand to snap into place when needed. For VR usage it improves any scenario in which the player’s hands need to be aligned on axis when grabbing or interacting with virtual objects. Now players can truly feel the sensation of holding objects with two hands!

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Made for VR

While games and swordplay are the most obvious application for the AxeOne, the range of two-handed applications that could now be simulated in VR are endless. Finally you can properly hold digital shovels, hockey sticks, baseball bats, axes, or two-hand wielded swords (to name a few).  

Works With Oculus

The patent pending AxeOne is just one of the several VR/AR peripheral devices under development at Logic Grip. Upon release the AxeOne will be fully compatible with Oculus Rift CV1, Oculus Rift S, and Oculus Quest. Other headsets and VR controllers are under development.

Made for You

Peripheral VR & AR devices are at the core of Logic Grip’s business strategy, but the development of new applications and games are essential to the adoption of these new tools. We want to support content creators with the tools needed to integrate our peripheral devices into their own ecosystem.