We work without boundaries to explore new pathways

VR + AR Games

Give users exciting and completely new ways of playing

Expanding Market

Moving with agility responding to fast paced changing technology

Simple, Better, VR Solutions

Logic Grip is expanding human-computer interaction through new types of solutions improving on industry-standard VR & AR user experiences.

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Unleash New Powers

Our initial target market is VR Gaming. With our new games and  peripheral devices, we will create fully immersive experiences to make VR (and AR) more compelling to millions of people. The core value is to create cheap and affordable solutions that have easy entry to market and is easy for content creators to integrate into their existing pipelines.

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NCSU MxR Lab Partnership

We partner with NC State University as an official startup spun out of the College of Design. Lead by Dr. Derek Ham, the Mixed Reality Lab (MxRLab) for Commercialization and Innovation serves as the research and development arm of Logic Grip. The lab is constantly developing new products, prototyping, and conducting user experience studies to help bring new products to market.

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Our Growing Team...

Derek Ham | Founder

"I'm passionate about VR storytelling and pushing technology boundaries!"

Josie Dorsett | Strategic Partner

"As a consultnat in UX & Accessibility I find VR/AR research rewarding!"

NC State | University Startup

"NC State is a research powerhouse and an important  economic engine for NC"

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